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Some unrelatable slogan about a pizza joint in Texas...

The Works

And how it works...

Why us

HudsonRP is a collection of like-minded indivduals who wish to just have a good time in RP, and be able to bring that experience to many others, our team is currently working on a sophisticated server, that will be simple enough for the every day player to enjoy comfortably.


Our content is curated and manifested by a select team of developers working on a super-powerful server with over 60GB of RAM, and 8 terabytes of space! Along with a raid system taking 4Tb of that space for backup! This means we can host a variety of things, such as this very website, without any delay in-game!

HudsonRP Representatives

The mangement team behind HudsonRP

Leroy Gibbs

Community Owner


Asst. Community Leader


Head Community Leader


Hudson Head of Staff

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